About Us

Further information About our team and our Restorant

The History

We are a company that specialized in Italian and Persian food. Italian Gardens great team is commited to work hard.

Since 1993

Our goal was on the first day we open this restaurant was to give you excellent service.

Our team has been train to give delicious food.

Our jobs is to serve you fast and give you good and fresh food. We prepare our fresh food daily.

Italian Gardens has a great variety of food like pastas, pizzas, subs, salads, and kabobs. If you have any comments and concerns please contact us. Thank You we hope that you will enjoy our food and service.

Daily Specials

Try our best Cheeseburguer 100% fresch ground beef.
Jumbo Cheeseburguer (Served w/french, fries and soda).

For Only $7.99